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January 17, 2019

Your Dreams: Analyst Lauren Lawrence reveals the secrets behind Daily News readers’ dreams

May 27, 2018
The late writer Tom Wolfe dreamed of leaving all his friends behind on a rocket ride. (Jim Cooper/ASSOCIATED PRESS)


At 81, I no longer have nightmares. I dream of New York City and friends I recognize. In a dream that has recurred at least twice, I am in a room with many people around me, but then I leave them all behind and ride off on a high-powered rocket. What does it mean?

— The writer Tom Wolfe, who died May 14, told me this in 2012.

Dreaming of having many people around reveals a gregarious nature, yet this social need is balanced with the introspective desire for some quality alone time. In this view, Tom must return to a higher level of interaction. In another view, where leaving on a rocket refers to dying, there is the wish is to go out in style with flash and panache. In a certain sense, Tom becomes the rocket which gives back what aging has taken from him — the youthful thrust of speed and power. Fortifying morale, the phallic, libido-charged rocket is symbolic of the dreamer’s joie de vivre.


I dreamed I flew to Florida to visit college friends. When I arrived, I realized I hadn’t brought anything with me – no clothing, no toiletries, nothing. I was completely empty-handed. My friends were astonished. I soon realized there was nothing I needed that I couldn’t buy. I needed little and could obtain anything I had to have for the vacation. I mentally made a list of everything I needed and was pleasantly surprised by how little I could get away with buying. Please decode this dream.

— Romy Spina, Bay Shore, L.I.

There is the desire to let go of material things, to lighten up, as it were. This is why you are flying. Societal accoutrements no longer weigh you down. The dream provides the wonderful realization of self-satisfaction. Your needs have been met. You arrive empty-handed because what matters most is to arrive at a place in time unfettered or tied down to worldly goods.


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