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Woman who conned couple into thinking she was pregnant says she isn't 'a horrible person'


Matt and Laura Trayte sit in the nursery they made for the baby they believed they were adopting in Lake Forest, CA, on Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018. (Orange CountY / Digital First Media/Getty)

A Virginia woman who convinced a California couple she wanted to give them her unborn baby can’t say why she lied about being pregnant for months, but says that doesn’t make her a bad person.

In September, Elizabeth Jones contacted wannabe parents Matt and Laura Trayte, telling them she was five months pregnant and wanted to give up her baby to pursue a career, according to CBS news. In November, the Traytes flew cross-country to meet Jones and were excited about the prospect of soon being parents.

“We dove headfirst into this process with our hearts,” Matt Trayte said.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, Jones reportedly reached out to the Traytes to say she was suffering labor pains and expected to deliver their daughter any minute. When the Traytes arrived at the hospital to meet the birth-mother, doctors confirmed Jones had checked in, but was complaining about back pains and was not pregnant.

Jones reportedly admitted to making up the whole story and has no explanation for her odd behavior.

“Well that’s the million-dollar question,” she said. “I mean I go to therapy, but we’re still trying to figure that out… I mean, I don’t know if I just needed someone to talk to or... I don’t know."

She also blames the expectant couple for allowing her to fool them.

“I think there were red flags," Jones said. “I mean if I had red flags I would check them out before I hopped on a plane and met somebody.”

The Traytes returned home Dec. 14 and wrote on Facebook they were “broken, devastated and in complete shock.” The couple also vowed to continue their search to find a sibling for their young son Hudson. They’re not sure what will become of Jones.

“The Sheriff’s Department and DA in Scott County, VA, don’t know what to charge this woman with because we did not give her any money,” the Traytes wrote.

“I never should have done it, but I’m not a horrible person," Jones told CBA. “I really wish people would see that. People make mistakes all the time.”

The Traytes called Jones’ actions “something evil.”