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White supremacists unleash robocall barrage on faculty and staff at Columbia University


Faculty and staffers at Barnard College received repugnant racist robocalls on the school’s phones in the wake of a student’s murder, with administrators asking the NYPD to investigate, the Daily News has learned.

An email went out Thursday to the Columbia University community, included Barnard, denouncing the messages and urging anyone who received one of the vile phone calls linked to the Dec. 11 murder of Tessa Majors, 18, to contact school officials. The freshman from Virginia was stabbed to death in what police believe was a robbery gone wrong in Morningside Heights.

“The contents of this message ... are abhorrent and viciously racist,” read the terse five-sentence letter sent to the Columbia community. “We write to let you know that we are actively looking into this with the NYPD and are working to block the caller ... We take this attack on our values very seriously."

The letter asked anyone who had already received the message or was contacted going forward to let school officials know immediately. “Many faculty and staff landlines at Barnard” were targeted, while officials suspect the robocall went to a small number of employees at Columbia University, the Ivy League school affiliated with Barnard.

While officials at Columbia didn’t share any details of the messages, the victim was a white woman while police arrested a 13-year-old black youth in the killing and questioned a second African-American teen on Thursday before releasing him from the 26th Precinct.