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May 25, 2019

What Giants burner Twitter accounts might have looked like over the past year

May 30, 2018

Giants executives, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, are smart enough not to troll writers and fans on Twitter by firing off missives from rampant burner accounts, like the Sixers’ Bryan Colangelo allegedly did in the NBA.

But we can always hope for the entertainment that Dave Gettleman on Twitter would bring, can’t we?

Here’s a look at what Giants burner Twitter might have looked like over the past year:

@H0llyw00dSteve (Steve Tisch): “wud be smrt 4 all nfl owners to back Bobby Axelrod & AxeCap for team purchase as I have dun… his money is good.”

@theGiantway1925 (John Mara): “Steve we all saw ur cameo on Billions but that is not real life.”

@H0llyw00dSteve (Tisch): “not supposed to use our real names on here, r we?”

@KissBothRingsJR (Jerry Reese): “fellas u up? thinkin of benching Eli. can’t take it anymore.”

@theGiantway1925 (Mara): “… wut? …”

@protektThaDuke (Ben McAdoo): “for Geno”

@H0llyw00dSteve (Tisch): “… wut?! …”

@theGiantway1925 (Mara): “fine do it. wait, don’t.”

@KissBothRingsJR (Reese): “2 late.”

@anywherebutSanDiego (Eli Manning): “wait, what? Sorry, missed all this. Wuz watching Seinfeld.”

Dave Gettleman (left) would certainly bring some entertainment to Twitter, even if John Mara isn’t in on it. (Howard Simmons/New York Daily News)

@hogmolly18 (Dave Gettleman): “NY writers should be calling for Spagnuolo to play John Greco on O-line. Tru hawg mawly.”

Direct message @theGiantway1925 to @hogmolly18: “Dave relax wait for the press conference.”

@hogmolly18 (Gettleman): “Odell Beckham a grt plyr but how much longer can NYG tolerate distractions off field?”

Direct message @theGiantway1925 to @hogmolly18: “Dave…”

Direct message @hogmolly18 to @theGiantway1925: “U c this Paris video tho?”

Direct message @theGiantway1925 to @hogmolly18: “Fine. Rams maybe.”

@nflQBguru (Pat Shurmur): “media and nyg shuldnt be chasing team’s best player out of town if they want 5th lombardi trophy, no? Strange…”

Text message Mara to Shurmur: “Pat u on twitter?”

Text message Shurmur to Mara: “no, why? Eli looks gr8 in practice btw.”

Text message Mara to Shurmur: “i know. He’s still got it. Four more years.”

Text message Shurmur to Mara: “no doubt.”

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