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Virginia woman says somebody covered Pride bumper sticker on her car with an anti-LGBTQ message to ‘try to be hateful’


Cynthia Moore says that between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, someone put a homophobic sticker on top of one of the pride stickers on her car in Norfolk, Va. (WAVY TV)

Honk if you like to spread hate.

A woman in Norfolk, Va., is trying to understand why somebody has defaced her car with a hate-filled message, by covering up a rainbow bumper sticker she had in honor of LGBTQ Pride.

Cynthia Moore said that some time over the weekend, a sticker listing bogus “facts” about the LGBTQ community and its “misplaced pride” was put on her car. The hateful message was placed on top of a Pride sticker she had on her lime green Chevrolet Spark .

“It’s frustrating that someone took time out of their day to try and be hateful,” Moore told local news station WAVY TV.

“I immediately was kind of in disbelief. I didn’t understand when it happened or how it happened or why someone would be so upset about something like that to try and deface it. Then I just got irritated and I wanted to get it off."

“It’s Pride Month and this is the time people are the most out and about and like, I feel like it was done on purpose to target that and make people feel unsafe and uncomfortable,” she added.

But if the goal was to hurt her feelings, Moore said that the sticker didn’t do the trick. And she won’t stop with the spreading the message of pride and acceptance.

“It definitely didn’t damper my spirits. I’m still going to be just as excited. I’m getting more stickers,” she told local news CBS-affiliated WTKR.

Norfolk Police are investigating the case as an act of vandalism.

“This act is shameful and those responsible are not a reflection of Norfolk’s diverse community. This sticker does not represent the values we hold true for our city and we are very disappointed that someone would spread such hate,” a statement shared by the police read.