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May 23, 2019

Venezuelan power outage wreaks havoc in capital city Caracas

March 13, 2019
People cross a street during a power outage in Caracas on Thursday. (YURI CORTEZ / AFP/Getty Images)

The effects of a massive blackout crippled Venezuela for a second consecutive day.

As the ravaged country deals with crippling inflation, shortages of food and medicine and leadership challenges, swaths of the nation on Friday were still waiting for power or stuck with spotty service, reported Reuters.


On Thursday, the government was quick to blame ideological opponents who had “sabotaged” the country’s primary hydroelectric plant.

Although energy resumed in some parts of Caracas, it quickly cut out again, according to witnesses.

People stand in darkened corridor at Miguel Perez Carreno Hospital in Caracas on Friday.
People stand in darkened corridor at Miguel Perez Carreno Hospital in Caracas on Friday. (MATIAS DELACROIX / AFP/Getty Images)

While the power outage was a mere inconvenience for many millions, for others such as 17-year-old cancer patient Engibel Gomez, it was a matter of life and death.

“I spent at least three months to begin my chemotherapy because the equipment wasn’t working,” Gomez told Al Jazeera as she waited at Caracas’ J.M. Rios Hospital. “Now, because of the problem with electricity again the equipment is not working so I can’t get my chemo.”

Gomez, who has had part of her leg amputated due to a tumor, was told her chemo session had been postponed due to an unreliable power source.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized by most Western nations as Venezuela’s legitimate head of state, slammed the government for botching the nation’s energy supply and said acting president Nicolas Maduro was the real enemy.

“Sabotage is stealing money from Venezuelans,” Guaido posted on Twitter. “Sabotage is burning food and medicine. Sabotage is stealing elections.”

Humanitarian aid trucks went up in flames in February when Maduro deployed soldiers at the Colombian border to prevent his opposition from delivering relief supplies.

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