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Valentine's Day 'Roselach' blends rose water with chocolate at Breads Bakery


Roselach, or rose water and chocolate-flavored rugelach, will be sold at Breads Bakery through Valentine's Day. (Breads Bakery)

Enjoy your chocolate and roses in one bite this Valentine’s Day.

A seasonal sweet dubbed Roselach by Manhattan-based mini-chain Breads Bakery adds rose water to a chocolate-layered version of the traditional Jewish pastry called rugelach.

The crescent-shaped treats will be available through Thursday. Score them at all three New York locations of Breads Bakery for $25 for a dozen, or have them shipped nationwide from at the cost of $64.95 for a 24-pack

“Rose water is a staple of Middle Eastern sweets and we have been playing with it for months,” Gadi Peleg, owner of Breads Bakery, told the Daily News. “It quickly occurred to us that nothing says Valentine’s Day like roses and chocolate and we decided that this would be the day to introduce our rose water creations.

“When we combined the rose water with our rugelach,” Peleg adds, “the result was a beautiful, red, moist rugelach with a subtle hint of rose.”