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Uber driver loses ear in airport brutal road rage fight


An Uber driver had to have his ear reattached after a road rage beating at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

Sir Christian Alexander Gordon, 26, of West Park, is charged with aggravated battery for a fight with Uber driver Joseph Soriero just before noon on May 22, court records show.

The two men were parked on the upper, departure level outside Terminal 3 when Gordon got out of his vehicle and approached Soriero’s vehicle, the arrest report stated.

What sparked the dispute wasn’t noted, but according to surveillance video and airport employee witnesses, Gordon walked aggressively toward Soriero, shouted at him, and poked Soriero in the face.

Sir Christian Alexander Gordon, 26, of West Park, is charged with aggravated battery for a road rage fight with Uber driver Joseph Soriero at the airport that required Soriero's ear to be reattached to his head, the Broward Sheriff's Office said. (Broward Sheriff's Office)

Fearing for his safety, Soriero took a swing at Gordon but missed, so Gordon retaliated by knocking Soriero to the ground with a punch and Soriero’s head hit the concrete. Gordon punched Soriero four more times while on the ground. When Soriero tried to get up, Gordon took another swing at him, investigators said.

Soriero was taken to Broward Health Medical Center to be treated for bruises to his head, a black eye, a swollen hand, a foot injury, and a damaged ear, records show.

At Gordon’s initial court appearance Thursday, assistant state attorney Eric Linder noted Soriero’s injuries and said he was defenseless during the beating.

“The victim’s left ear had to be attached, with Dermabond, to his head,” he said.

Dermabond is a medical tissue adhesive used, alone or with stitches, to close wounds.

How much of Soriero’s ear was damaged wasn’t noted.

Gordon’s bondsman and family friend told Broward Judge Jackie Powell it was a case of “self defense."

She set bond at $10,000 and Gordon was released from the Broward County Jail Thursday night, records show.

Efforts to reach Gordon for comment were unsuccessful.

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