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U.S. Census Bureau

Study: Millennials didn’t stray far from where they grew up

Growing up in mid-sized Virginia Beach, Andrew Waldholtz wanted to live in a big city so he moved to the District of Columbia for...

Census wants to know how to ask about sexuality and gender

ORLANDO, Fla. ((DailyNews)) — The 2020 census questionnaire drove Scout crazy. With no direct questions about sexual orientation and gender identity, it made him...

In 2 states, 1 in 20 residents missed during US head count

Around 1 in 20 residents in Arkansas and Tennessee were missed during the 2020 census, and four other U.S. states had significant undercounts of...

Motherhood deferred: US median age for giving birth hits 30

For Allyson Jacobs, life in her 20s and 30s was about focusing on her career in health care and enjoying the social scene in...

100s of US urban areas will become rural with new criteria

Hundreds of urban areas in the U.S. are becoming rural, but it’s not because people are leaving.It’s just that the U.S. Census Bureau is...

Cuomo mulls suing over census, but fight could be tricky

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — There’s no easy path for New York to win a legal fight with the U.S. Census Bureau over its narrow...

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