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Trump trashes Chris Cuomo over anti-Italian ‘Fredo’ confrontation — ‘The truth hurts’


President Trump took a shot at CNN's Chris Cuomo over a video that went viral showing the TV news personality get upset when someone calls him 'Fredo.' (Getty Images)

President Trump trashed Chris Cuomo for getting into a profanity-laced confrontation with a man who addressed him as “Fredo.”

Interrupting his golf vacation, Trump repeated the anti-Italian slur to slam the CNN anchor, whom he accused of losing his cool due to “low ratings.”

“I thought Chris was Fredo too,” Trump said on Twitter. “The truth hurts.”

Donald Trump Jr. earlier called Chris Cuomo “the dumb brother” for letting himself get dragged into the confrontation, which was apparently staged by a right-wing YouTube show.

“'Fredo isn’t the N word for Italians, it just means you’re the dumb brother,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter.

The Twitter spat erupted over a YouTube video that depicted Chris Cuomo squaring off against a stranger who apparently called him “Fredo.”

The anchor is shown angrily berating the man and repeatedly cursing at him. He even threatens to throw him down the stairs. The video ends when others step in between the two men.

The unseemly feud quickly drew the attention of the president’s allies, and a campaign spokeswoman blasted Chris Cuomo as racist for comparing a casual put-down from the movies to a “dehumanizing word used against blacks.”

That pushback was more than a little ironic since Trump has been accused of brazen racism for defending violent white nationalists at Charlottesville and branding Mexicans as “rapists and criminals.”

Chris Cuomo got some surprising support from fellow TV personality Sean Hannity, who broke with his right-wing allies to denounce the videotaped shouting match as a set-up.