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Trump says Biden ‘lied’ about Ukraine conversations with his son


Things are starting to get nasty.

President Trump on Sunday said former Vice President Joe Biden “lied” about not having conversations with his son about business in Ukraine.

The commander-in-chief said Biden “made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son."

“He did speak to his son — he lied again.”

The comment to reporters on the White House South Lawn came amid growing outcry over a recent whistleblower complaint against Trump.

The complaint says Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate the former vice president’s son Hunter Biden, who worked for a Ukrainian energy company, during a July 25 phone call.

"I'm not looking to hurt Biden, but he did a very dishonest thing,” Trump said Sunday while leaving for events in Texas and Ohio.

Meanwhile, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitted he visited Ukraine to “get dirt on Joe Biden."

"I got a nice straight case of Ukrainian collusion,” the former NYC mayor crowed on “Fox News Sunday.”

The statement appeared to contradict his previous assertion that he never asked Ukrainian officials to investigate Biden.

Giuliani, who’s spent the latest stage of his career as a pro-Trump attack dog, whined that the Washington press corps is conspiring to defend Biden, who’s leading the pack of Democratic presidential candidates.

“The minute I say ‘Biden’ the Washington press corps is going to go nuts. They’ve been covering it up for years,” Giuliani groused.

“His family has been taking money from his public office for years,” he asserted, without pointing to any evidence. “Ladies and gentlemen, go look at what the press has been covering up.”