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Trump gushes over ‘beautiful’ letter from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un


President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un take a walk after their first meeting at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi hotel, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019, in Hanoi. (Evan Vucci/AP)

The lovebirds are at it again.

President Trump waxed poetic about a “beautiful” new letter from Kim Jong-un on Tuesday, calling the brutal North Korean dictator a man of his word and denouncing reports that the CIA recruited Kim’s half-brother as a spy.

The latest dreamy missive from Trump’s main man in Pyongyang arrived at the White House on Monday.

“It was a beautiful letter, very warm and very personal,” Trump told reporters on the South Lawn. “A very nice letter.”

Trump defended Kim as a good leader to develop the “incredible potential” of the impoverished Stalinist nation.

“The one who feels that more than anybody is Kim Jong-un,” Trump said before taking off on a campaign trip to Iowa. “He gets it.”

In a strange moment, Trump angrily disavowed reports that Kim’s estranged half-brother was a CIA informant. The other Kim was murdered in exile, allegedly by North Korean allies.

Instead of condemning Kim for the killing, Trump appeared anxious to reassure Kim that he would not spy on North Korea.

“That would never happen under my auspices,” Trump said, referring to the CIA recruitment.

Trump didn’t say whether Kim is pushing for a third summit between the two leaders, saying only that “we’ll see what happens.”

The two men say they “fell in love” at a first summit in Singapore, after which Trump asserted that the nuclear threat from North Korea was over. But the feel-good atmosphere fell apart in Vietnam where their second face-to-face meeting collapsed amid fingerpointing.

The North Koreans want Trump to reverse some economic sanctions before ending their nuclear weapons program while Trump wants the nukes gone first, although he may have confused the North Koreans into thinking they didn’t have to make more concessions after the first love fest.

Since the last summit, relations have turned cooler as Kim fired off missile tests and toured military factories.

Trump defended Kim despite the saber-rattling saying that he has not broken promises to refrain from long-range missile tests or restart nuclear research.

Kim has reportedly also carried out a nasty purge of officials who helped plan for the second summit, blaming them for its failure. At least two officials who shook hands with Trump at the White House are among a group of five who were either executed or sentenced to torture camps after returning home emptyhanded.