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Trump fat shames #MAGA guy by mistake after mistaking him for heckler at New Hampshire rally


Multiple news outlets have identified the man as Frank Dawson, a Trump supporter. (FOX NEWS)

President Trump was at his abrasive nastiest Thursday night when he spotted a barrel-chested man amid a group of a hecklers who interrupted his speech.

“That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home. Start exercising," Trump said with trademark derision.

As security moved to eject the group of demonstrators, Trump kept on razzing the guy in the nosebleed seats of the arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“Get him out of here, please,” Trump said. “Got a bigger problem than I do.”

That’s debatable, given that Trump is considered medically overweight himself and famously loves to indulge in unhealthy food.

In any case, the plus-size target of Trump’s ire was actually not a protester at all.

Ralph Dawson was wearing a Trump 2020 T-shirt and matching camouflage cap. He was shaking his fist in support of Trump and trying to rip down the banners of the protesters, who were Jewish critics of Israel.

“I’m trying to listen to my president. I think he thought I was part of it, but I wasn’t,” Dawson told Fox News. "I was the good part of it.”

Dawson shrugged off the fat-shaming and heaped praise on Trump.

“Everything is good,” Dawson said. “I love the guy. He is the best thing that ever happened to this country.”

Trump returned to his speech, and seamlessly claimed his put-down was just another sign of his empathetic nature.

“We are continuing our incredible movement,” he said. “Our movement is built on love.”

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The president even reportedly called Dawson after the rally and left a voice mail after he heard about the #MAGA mix-up.

Trump regularly insults rivals and others. He infamously mocked a New York Times reporter for his disability and has repeatedly accused women of being ugly, stupid, or both.