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Truck driver with hilarious handmade license plate was busted for carrying meth


Recently, a motorcycle officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a tractor-trailer for a false license plate. (Moorpark Police Department)

An intoxicated, meth-carrying truck driver with an outstanding warrant was arrested in southern California after his crudely made license caught the attention of a motorcycle cop.

On Monday, the Ventura County Police Department posted a photo of the phony plate that landed the unidentified motorist in jail on their social media accounts. The artist behind the cartoonish vehicle tag didn’t even bother writing out the entire name of the state from which the plate was supposedly issued. The top of the plate simply reads “Califas."

The Sheriff’s Office wrote on its website that in conjunction with the California Highway Patrol and the police department in Moorpark, Calif., where this traffic stop was made, routine inspections of tractor-trailers have made the streets safer.

“During these inspections, many tractor-trailers and commercial vehicles have been removed from service and towed away due to mechanical problems that cause safety concerns, such as faulty brakes, suspension, and tires,” the sheriff’s department claimed. “Several drivers have also been cited for being unlicensed.”

They further wrote that 243 commercial vehicles pass through the Moorpark area every hour on a typical business day and diligent patrolmen have “arrested commercial drivers for a variety of offenses, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possession of illegal drugs, transportation of illegal drugs for sales, possession of loaded firearms, possession of false driver’s licenses or vehicle registrations, and warrants.”

Cops also boasted that they have towed more that 60 tractor-trailers — including the one with the fake plate — since Jan. 1, 2018.