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The witch is back: HBO developing ‘Practical Magic’ drama series prequel


Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in "Practical Magic." (SUZANNE TENNER/¬ 1998 WARNER BROS.)

Fire up a bubbling cauldron and stock up on eye of newt.

HBO announced Monday that it was developing “Rules of Magic,” a dramatic series based on novelist Alice Hoffman’s “Rules of Magic” and “Practical Magic” for its HBO Max platform.

The 1998 supernatural comedy film ?Practical Magic" was also based on Hoffman’s works. The critical dud starred Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as sorcerer sisters cursed with tragic love lives.

According to Variety, the new series will take place in 1960s New York City and feature a trio of siblings — two sisters and one brother — who learn they are descended from a long line of necromancers.

In the film version, Kidman and Bullock’s aunts were portrayed by Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest.

Despite underperforming at the box office, the film didn’t weigh down Kidman and Bullock’s careers. Less than five years after the release of “Practical Magic,” Kidman snagged a Best Actress Academy Award for “The Hours." Seven years later, Bullock would repeat the feat for her performance in “The Blind Side.”

While no release date has been revealed, Variety reports that the first season will comprise 10 hour-long episodes on its new streaming service, which is expected to debut in spring 2020.