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The search is on for brutal killer of two beloved therapy pigs that were beaten to death


Pygrawk, on left, and Honey, right. The therapy pigs were brutally murdered in their backyard when their owner was not home. (Facebook)

A Kentucky woman is asking for help in finding an animal killer she believes slaughtered two of the three therapy pigs she takes to visit the sick and the elderly.

In a heartbreaking 11-minute video on Facebook, Sunnie Howell said she’s pooling her resources for a reward leading to the arrest of “the lowlife coward” that caused the death of her beloved potbellied pigs Pygwrawk and Honey. Howell came home to find her pets bloody and lifeless on June 6, after she and her husband returned home from celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. They even had leftovers for the pigs.

“Someone savagely beat Pygwrawk and Honey to death,” she sobbed. “Pygwrawk’s face was bashed in and covered in blood and Honey’s bowls were coming out of her backside.”

Pygwrawk and Honey’s 6-month-old piglet Gypsy was spared, but the animal was acting very scared, according to Howell. She was in the process of cleaning out Gypsy’s pen so the orphaned potbelly wouldn’t have to see and smell the carnage that befell her parents.

Because the dead pigs’ disposition is what qualified them to be therapy animals, Howell is certain they didn’t inflict harm on one another and that a human is at fault.

“They didn’t deserve that,” she said, fighting back tears. “There’s more than one way... they could have put a bullet... it would have been over quick. They could have done anything to make it quick if they were going to do it at all. This was very torturous in my opinion and it was very wrong.”

In the video, Howell wonders how she’s going to break the sad news to schoolkids and nursery home patients in her Bullitt County community who have come to know Pygwrawk and Honey.

“I want to catch whoever did it because someone who’ll do this to an animal will probably do it to a person, too,” she said.

Even in her grief, Howell reservedly called whoever’s responsible for her pigs’ death a “sick son of a buck” as she recalled how Honey loved butterscotch and Pygrawk enjoyed playing tag. Howell said that what happened in her yard last week was nothing short of murder.

“I know murder is a word you use with people, but there were my people to me,” she said.

Gypsy will have 24-hour protection while the Howell family tries to figure out what happened to her parents, Howell said. She posted a wanted bulletin on Facebook, adding, “There is a reward for honest solid information that leads to the arrest AND conviction of the sadistic individual that murdered our therapygs.”