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The best mosquito killer


In three of the four stages of its life cycle, mosquitoes depend on water. If you have standing pools of water around your home, this can be a major breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Although most mosquitoes are merely a nuisance, annoying you as they fly by and making you itchy after they bite, there is a possibility they could make you sick. Even if the chance of that is slim, the fear can make it hard to relax in your own backyard. A mosquito killer will help alleviate a great deal of your concern as it zaps pests before they even get near you.

We like Flowtron's Electronic Insect Killer, which you can read about in this review, because of its durable materials, non-clogging grid, and ability to help control your flying insect population. Read on to learn more about the different types of mosquito killers and what might help you the most.

Considerations when choosing mosquito killers

Three types of mosquito killers

There are many types of mosquito killers on the market, but no matter which model you prefer, they can be placed in one of three categories: stationary, portable, or handheld.


This type of mosquito killer is one that you set in a designated location and leave there. It could be a unit that you hang on a stand 25 feet from your patio, or it could be a special light bulb that you screw into a standard light socket. These types of mosquito killers do not need to be moved about, as one may be sufficient for your entire backyard.


If you need a smaller option, something that is only effective for an indoor space, consider a portable mosquito killer. A portable unit can be moved from location to location as needed. For example, you can place your portable mosquito killer in your enclosed porch during the early evening and then move it to your bedroom while you sleep.


Those who want to take a more active role in mosquito control should consider a handheld model. These units usually resemble tennis rackets, but they carry a lethal charge that can quickly dispatch any mosquito that makes it through your other defenses. In terms of volume, handheld mosquito killers are the least-effective option, but some find them the most satisfying to use.

Other considerations


You will want to make sure the mosquito killer you're considering is effective for the space you want to protect. Many outdoor models are rated in half-acre increments. Bigger units may be acceptable in those situations, but if you only need a unit for your bedroom, stick to what is recommended for indoor use.


Whether it comes with your model or you purchase it separately, adding an attractant like Octenol can further entice the mosquitoes toward your zapper. This will escalate its effectiveness.


A small indoor unit will likely cost under $25. Outdoor models range from $25 to $75. At the upper end of that range, they can provide coverage for over an acre of land. Most homeowners should not need to spend over $75, but there are more expensive models available, if that is what you prefer.


Q. I've heard that carbon dioxide mosquito killers attract more mosquitoes. Is this true?

A. Many experts believe that the carbon dioxide you exhale when breathing is what actually attracts mosquitoes. Others say the light and heat of a UV bulb play a somewhat significant role in luring mosquitoes toward an insect trap.

When tested, many carbon dioxide-emitting models do not produce a noticeable or significant amount of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the answer to your question is still somewhat up in the air. From our research, consumers are currently the most satisfied with the effectiveness of UV models, especially if an attractant is added.

Q. Are mosquitoes really a threat to people?

A. According to the CDC, most people don't become ill from a mosquito bite, even if that mosquito is infected. However, some may experience short-term sickness that is mild. In rare cases, individuals may contract a long-term illness. In the most severe cases, death is a possibility. Diseases that can be spread to people via a mosquito bite include Zika virus, West Nile virus , Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria.

Mosquito killers we recommend

Best of the best: Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

Our take: A powerful and highly effective unit that will help keep your flying insect population under control.

What we like: The grid is designed to be maintenance-free (no clogging), and the unit is manufactured with weatherproof polycarbonate so it will not rust, crack, or fade due to weather.

What we dislike: The electrical cord may not be long enough for your needs, so you may require an extension cord that is approved for outdoor use in almost all situations.

Best bang for your buck: GLOUE Mosquito Zapper

Our take: An affordable plug-in unit that is designed for indoor use and can also function as a nightlight.

What we like: GLOUE Mosquito Zapper is highly portable and can be moved from room to room as needed. It can also be taken with you to a motel when you go on vacation. The unit is easy to clean.

What we dislike: For this item to be effective, it needs to be the only light on in the room.

Choice 3: The Executioner Zapper Swatter

Our take: A handheld electric swatter that can be used for mosquitoes that venture too close.

What we like: The Executioner is easy to use and does not require a powerful swing because it is the electricity that dispatches the insect, not the force of the swing. The unit runs on only two AA batteries, which can last for months, depending on use.

What we dislike: To make this unit more effective, there is no safety screen, so you need to exercise caution when using.

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