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December 15, 2018

The 15 healthiest frozen dinners

November 28, 2018

{ url: "", caption: "Salmon is a healthful addition to any diet<\/a>. This bowl is rounded out with vegetables and rice, all topped with a sweet sauce that doesn\u2019t go too crazy on the added sugar. They even use wild-caught Alaskan salmon<\/a>, so you can be sure it\u2019s better for you (and the planet<\/a>) than other fillets of fish! (Saffron Road/itemmaster)", credit: "(Saffron Road/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Saffron Road/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776197", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Saffron Road Sesame Ginger Salmon Bowl", },

{ url: "", caption: "The first four ingredients of this bowl are vegetables \u2014 but eating this for dinner won\u2019t leave you hungry<\/a>. You get all kinds of satisfying nutrients from soba noodles and teriyaki chicken which, unlike your typical Chinese takeout<\/a>, isn\u2019t loaded with added sugar and sodium. (Saffron Road/itemmaster)", credit: "(Saffron Road/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Saffron Road/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776198", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Saffron Road Teriyaki Chicken With Soba Noodles", },

{ url: "", caption: "A delightful blend of brown rice, grilled chicken, vegetables, and feta is drizzled with tahini sauce for Greek-inspired perfection. The ingredients in this bowl are all pronounceable and real; the bowl offers 19 grams of protein, a half cup of vegetables, and 8 grams of fiber, making it a truly satisfying meal. (Evol.)", credit: "(Evol.)", authorsHtml: "By Evol. ", sourceId: "109776199", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Evol Vitalize Bowl", },

{ url: "", caption: "This steak-filled bowl has us dreaming of eating Chipotle \u2014 while this guy did lose weight eating Chipotle every day<\/a>, we don\u2019t advise you do the same. This option has all the fixings of a fabulous burrito bowl \u2014 cheese, beans, roasted vegetables and all \u2014 and delivers with 20 grams of filling protein and a good amount of healthy fats. Add some hot sauce if you prefer a kick of spice in your rice \u2014 just not too much!<\/a> (Evol./itemmaster)", credit: "(Evol./itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Evol./itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776200", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Evol Fire Grilled Steak", },

{ url: "", caption: "Barley is a seriously underrated whole grain. This bowl packs 8 grams of fiber, plus an impressive amount of protein from healthy chicken sausage. It\u2019s also got kale<\/a> and other vegetables you might not normally prepare yourself. (Healthy Choice/itemmaster)", credit: "(Healthy Choice/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Healthy Choice/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776201", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Healthy Choice Chicken Sausage and Barley Bowl", },

{ url: "", caption: "This meal is part of Healthy Choice\u2019s \u201CSimply Steamers\u201D collection \u2014 the \u201Csimply\u201D indicating the simple ingredients used to make the meal. It might surprise you, but pasta and meatballs can be healthy<\/a>! This meal is low in sodium, high in protein, and loaded with spinach for an extra boost of vitamins you might otherwise be missing<\/a>. (Healthy Choice/itemmaster)", credit: "(Healthy Choice/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Healthy Choice/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776202", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Healthy Choice Meatball Marinara", },

{ url: "", caption: "Red wine braised beef sounds like something off a 5-star dinner menu<\/a> \u2014 but surprisingly, you can buy it frozen. This meal is loaded with vegetables like carrots and butternut squash, both of which have a ton of vitamin A<\/a>. The polenta isn\u2019t super creamy and rich like some restaurants make it, but it still manages to taste like comfort food<\/a>. (Luvo/itemmaster)", credit: "(Luvo/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Luvo/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776203", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Luvo Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta", },

{ url: "", caption: "There are a whopping one and a half cups of fruits and vegetables in this dinner for one<\/a>. It also offers 23 grams of whole grains and 11 grams of fiber. The So Cal Kale & Bean bowl is vegan, but manages to squeeze in 10 grams of plant-based protein \u2014 unlike most other vegan frozen meals<\/a> that neglect to think about protein entirely. (Luvo)", credit: "(Luvo)", authorsHtml: "By Luvo ", sourceId: "109776205", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean", },

{ url: "", caption: "There\u2019s nothing worse than a disappointing or bland frozen meal<\/a>. But this one is exactly the opposite \u2014the 26 grams of protein will keep your body satisfied while the authentic taste of vindaloo<\/a> will satisfy your taste buds. All of the ingredients are things you might find in your own kitchen. The meal also contains coconut milk, so you get some healthy fats from it, too! (Tandoor Chef/itemmaster)", credit: "(Tandoor Chef/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Tandoor Chef/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776206", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Tandoor Chef Lamb Vindaloo With Turmeric-Infused Basmati Rice", },

{ url: "", caption: "Not everything you might eat from Stouffer\u2019s leaves you feeling healthy, but this bowl certainly does. Pork can be so fatty that it overwhelms a meal, but this bowl only contains 12 grams of fat (some snack bars<\/a> have 20) and still gets all the good protein from the meat. The sauce is low in sugar, and the meal contains 90 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C. (Stouffer’s/itemmaster)", credit: "(Stouffer’s/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Stouffer’s/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776207", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Stouffer\u2019s Fit Kitchen Pork Carnitas", },

{ url: "", caption: "Love Mexican food<\/a> but hate takeout? Here\u2019s your answer. This meal\u2019s packaging isn\u2019t loud about the fact that it\u2019s healthy, but it totally is. Twenty grams of protein, low in sugar, a good amount of healthy fat, and rich with minerals like calcium and potassium \u2014 it\u2019s truly the whole enchilada. (CedarLane/itemmaster)", credit: "(CedarLane/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By CedarLane/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776208", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "CedarLane Three Layer Enchilada Pie", },

{ url: "", caption: "It\u2019s got \u201Cbalanced\u201D in the name for good reason. It\u2019s cheesy, but filled with good, fibrous foods like beans and lentils. It\u2019s made with olive oil \u2014 which is good for heart health<\/a> \u2014 and contains 15 grams of vegetarian protein. (Tandoor Chef/itemmaster)", credit: "(Tandoor Chef/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Tandoor Chef/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776209", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Tandoor Chef Balanced Vegetarian Paneer Tikka Masala With Rajma & Onion Basmati Rice", },

{ url: "", caption: "This bowl is a combination of so many nutritious foods. Sweet potatoes, kale, chard, tofu, pumpkin seeds, all over a bed of protein-rich quinoa\u2026 Who knew frozen food could get you to actually eat your vegetables? (Amy’s/itemmaster)", credit: "(Amy’s/itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Amy’s/itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776210", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Amy\u2019s Harvest Casserole Bowl", },

{ url: "", caption: "Chowing down on a bowl of lasagna might feel indulgent, but this meal is actually more of a boost to your diet. It has 20 grams of protein and more vegetables than we could count (okay, we counted, and it\u2019s seven). If you decide after all to ditch the frozen food idea and make a (really simple) dinner at home instead, here are a few recipes you can whip up in no time<\/a>. (Evol./itemmaster)", credit: "(Evol./itemmaster)", authorsHtml: "By Evol./itemmaster ", sourceId: "109776211", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Evol Butternut Squash Lasagna", },


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Are Smart Ones really that smart? Is Lean Cuisine lean enough? Is Healthy Choice actually a healthy choice? We trolled the aisles of the frozen food section to find out which meals are worth sticking a fork in, and ranked the healthiest. (This story originally appeared on The Daily Meal.)
(The Daily Meal Staff)

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