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Texas man dies after sand dune collapses on him on Florida beach


A Texas man on vacation with his family died Tuesday, two days after a sand dune collapsed on him on a Florida beach.

Lee Goggin, 35, was digging a tunnel through the side of a sand dune in St. Augustine when it collapsed on him.

Police said Goggin had gone through a “Do not enter” sign to get to the sand dune, WFAA-TV reported.

Goggin suffered a heart attack while he was buried alive in the sand, CBS Dallas reported.

Rachel Burt, Goggin’s sister, told the authorities her family was traveling to Disney World and stopped at a beach before checking into their hotel, according to Action News Jax.

She said she saw the dune collapse on her brother. Her husband and father tried desperately to dig him out.

A fire rescue team arrived at the scene and removed several feet of sand that had fallen on top of him.

Goggin was then taken to a nearby hospital.