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Teen home invasion suspect caught at parents’ home in North Carolina after gaffe allowed him to flee hospital in gown


Jataveon Hall is accused of multiple charges, including breaking and entering.

A home invasion suspect in North Carolina was captured at his parents' home on Sunday, two days after he was allowed to stroll out of a hospital while still wearing his gown.

Jataveon Hall, 19, was found by authorities at the Burlington apartment of his mother and stepfather following a bizarre 48 hours that included a break-in attempt foiled by an 11-year-old boy with a machete.

Investigators say Hall and two others broke into a home in Mebane on Friday and forced the child into a closet. However, the boy, a young baseball star in the area, was able to escape from the closet and confront Hall with the weapon.

Needing medical attention, Hall went to UNC-Hillsborough Hospital. Deputies were notified when Hall was treated there, but then he was transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill Hospital later Friday. He bolted the second hospital without much trouble, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office did not find out about his departure until early Saturday.

“Most concerning of all is that hospital police did not even know Hall had left the premises almost ten hours prior,” said Chief Deputy Jamison Sykes. "Indeed, Hall’s absence was only discovered when we placed a phone call to them.”

Hall was transported back to Orange County on Sunday after being apprehended by Burlington cops. He is facing multiple charges, including breaking and entering and second-degree kidnapping, and is being held at the Orange County Detention Center.