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Oregon youths’ climate lawsuit against US government can proceed to trial, judge rules

EUGENE, Ore. ((DailyNews)) — A federal judge ruled on Thursday that a lawsuit brought by young Oregon-based climate activists can proceed to trial...

Yellowstone baby bison put to death after visitor picks it up, leading herd to reject it

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. ((DailyNews)) — A man who picked up a bison calf in Yellowstone National Park caused it to be shunned...

More states are requiring patients to give consent for medical students performing pelvic exams

COLUMBUS, Ohio ((DailyNews)) — A new batch of states are looking to legislate the level of informed consent when it comes to medical...

Montana is banning TikTok. But can the state enforce the law and fend off a lawsuit?

NEW YORK ((DailyNews)) — Montana’s first-of-its kind law that makes it illegal for residents to use TikTok in the state is already facing...

Angelina Jolie lets Taylor Sheridan drag her through hell

NEW YORK ((DailyNews)) — Taylor Sheridan, initially brought on to rewrite the mountain thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” gradually got more invested in...

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