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Middle East

Live updates: New phase of Ukraine war? Russia shifts focus

Russian forces in Ukraine appear to have shifted their focus from a ground offensive aimed at Kyiv to instead prioritizing what Moscow calls the...

War Crimes Watch: Russia’s onslaught on Ukrainian hospitals

By MICHAEL BIESECKER, ERIKA KINETZ and BEATRICE DUPUYMarch 25, 2022 GMThttps://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-war-crimes-tracker-b39137c3a96eef06f4ba1793fd694542LVIV, Ukraine ((DailyNews)) — For a month now, Russian forces have repeatedly attacked Ukrainian...

Protesters in major US cities decry airstrikes over Gaza

LOS ANGELES ((DailyNews)) — Pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta and other U.S. cities on Saturday...

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