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Internal Revenue Service

Haven’t filed taxes yet? Don’t panic. Here’s what to know

NEW YORK ((DailyNews)) — The deadline to file your taxes is Tuesday, which is just around the corner. Filing U.S. tax returns —...

Daniel Werfel, IRS commissioner nominee, promises no increase in audits for households making under $400,000

WASHINGTON ((DailyNews)) — Republican and Democratic senators who have been arguing over how much money to give the IRS and how it should be...

Tax season already? Some tips for avoiding stress and scams

NEW YORK ((DailyNews)) — For many people filing U.S. tax returns — especially those doing it for their first time — it can be...

House GOP kicks off majority with vote to slash IRS funding

WASHINGTON ((DailyNews)) — House Republicans began their tenure in the majority Monday by passing a bill that would rescind nearly $71 billion that Congress...

IRS initiates safety probe after threats to workers

WASHINGTON ((DailyNews)) — Responding to an increasing number of threats born of conspiracy theories that agents were going to aggressively target middle income taxpayers,...

‘Groundhog Day’ at IRS: Returns pile up, phone delays worsen

WASHINGTON ((DailyNews)) — It’s Groundhog Day at the IRS.After digging out of a daunting backlog from 2021, the agency has an even bigger backup...

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