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Why is it so smoky outside? Canada wildfires lead to air-quality alerts in northeastern US

Intense Canadian wildfires are blanketing the northeastern U.S. in a dystopian haze, turning the air acrid, the sky yellowish gray and prompting warnings...

Connecticut lawmakers absolve accused colonial-era witches, apologize for “miscarriage of justice”

With distant family members looking on, Connecticut senators voted Thursday to absolve the 12 women and men convicted of witchcraft -- 11 of...

ESPN to have most Euro matches called from Bristol studio

NEW YORK ((DailyNews)) — Jon Champion has had to adjust to broadcasting soccer off a television screen during the pandemic.ESPN will have just one...

Durst trial to resume after long delay; will jury be ready?

LOS ANGELES ((DailyNews)) — It took nearly 15 years for police to arrest New York real estate heir Robert Durst in the killing of...

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