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Syrians, ever abandoned as carnage continues


The ever-living shame of President Obama’s foreign policy is his failure over many years to confront, or rally the world to confront, the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

President Trump, who showed a flicker of early interest in protecting Syrians from chemical warfare, now looks poised to follow in the feeble footsteps of his hated predecessor.

The seven-year-long war, primarily waged by Bashar Assad against his own people, has now claimed nearly 500,000 lives. And the Assad regime is in the midst of one of the most vicious bombardment campaigns of the conflict, in eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held area near Damascus that’s home to about 400,000 people.

Friday, Trump spoke with the leaders of France and Germany and issued a joint call to implement a United Nations-backed ceasefire.

Good luck with that. Last July, a ceasefire brokered in southwest Syria only wound up creating space for Assad’s forces to consolidate their gains.

Short of engaging American forces directly against the regime, the only way to rein in this murderous dictator is to squeeze Syria’s most important regional ally, Russia.

Trump won’t even enforce sanctions against Russia for U.S. election meddling. Good luck getting him to stare down Vladimir Putin in his own backyard.