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Suit yourself at the beach


Time for a change (James Keivom/New York Daily News)

The forecast says it'll be 78 and partly cloudy Saturday morning, when New York City's beaches open for the season on the first of 107 long summer days.

No entry fee — just sun, sand and surf to enjoy. Even the sunscreen is free, courtesy of dispensers smartly placed. So spread on the 30 SPF.

All that's missing are places to change into and out of swimming togs. Once, all city beaches had changing areas. No more.

Now, there isn't a single one at any of the city's seven beaches, which stretch 14 miles: Orchard Beach, Coney Island/Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Rockaway, South Beach/Midland Beach, Wolfe's Pond and Cedar Grove.

Swimmers are stuck using yucky toilet stalls.

The state has seven Long Island beaches running 14 miles, all with non-toilet changing areas. Gov. Cuomo should show Mayor de Blasio how to change. Well, not literally.