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February 15, 2019

Students at New Hampshire high school under investigation for KKK-themed Christmas jingle

December 4, 2018
Students at Dover High School were assigned “to select some event during reconstruction and to make a jingle out of it.” (Google Maps)

New Hampshire school officials said Monday they’re looking into why exactly a class of high school students changed the lyrics to “Jingle Bells” into a pro-KKK sing-a-long.

Two students at Dover High School were recorded singing lyrics that included “KKK, KKK, Let’s kill all the blacks” in a video that went viral locally over the weekend, according to the Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Superintendent William Harbron told the paper that the song was part of an assignment for an 11th grade history class .

“They were given an assignment to select some event during reconstruction and to make a jingle out of it,” he said.

Harbron said he doesn’t believe there was any malicious intent in the racist song lyrics, but that officials will look into the appropriateness of the assignment.

“We are deeply concerned that an event such as this could occur and understand the emotion and concern that this event will create for our students, families and staff,” he said in a letter to parents Monday.

“Administration from Dover High School and the District are working with students and the school community to respond immediately and effectively to this racial insensitivity.”

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