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Stephen Hawking's red wheelchair, 'Simpsons' script up for auction


A motorized wheelchair (right) used by Stephen Hawking is among the scientist's personal items being auctioned off by Christie's. (Getty)

You can now own a piece of genius.

Prized personal items that belonged to physicist Stephen Hawking are being auctioned off online by Christie’s as part of the “On the Shoulders of Giants: Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hawking” public sale.

Running Wednesday through Nov. 8, the auction will feature 22 items from Hawking’s estate, along with letters and manuscripts by other pioneers in the science field including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein.

Among the offerings are a red and maroon leather motorized wheelchair that Hawking used from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s. It’s expected to sell for between $12,600 and $18,900. Money from this sale will benefit both The Stephen Hawking Foundation, which supports scientific research and advocates for the rights of people with disabilities, and the The Motor Neurone Disease Association, which focuses on improving access to care, research and campaigning for people living with the disease in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Hawking, who died in March at age 76, used wheelchairs since the late 1960s due to motor neurone disease, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.

A bomber jacket given to Stephen Hawking is one of his possessions being auctioned off by Christie's between Oct. 31 and Nov. 8.
A bomber jacket given to Stephen Hawking is one of his possessions being auctioned off by Christie's between Oct. 31 and Nov. 8. (Frank Augstein / AP)

Also up for grabs is a bomber jacket that Hawking wore in the 2016 documentary “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places,” filmed for the streaming service CuriosityStream. Estimated to go for somewhere between just $126 and $189, it seems like a steal.

And fans of “The Simpsons” will appreciate the original production script for the 2010 Season 22 opening episode titled “Elementary School Musical,” in which a cartoon version of Hawking appears while Lisa Simpson sings at a performing arts camp. It was the last of four times Hawking starred in the show.

In this episode, his cartoon counterpart scratches two turntables attached to his wheelchair wheels. The script will set you back $2,520 to $3,780.

For the more literary and science minded, other auction items include key papers like “Black Hole Explosions?,” the physicist’s 1974 article predicting black holes would release blackbody radiation, now known as Hawking Radiation. Expect to fork over between $3,780 and $6,300 for this.