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Squawk talk: Ferocious Australian magpie shot dead after attacking residents


A ferocious Australian magpie, similar to this one, was fatally shot in Sydney after dozens of complaints. (Greg Brave/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A ferocious bird wreaking havoc with members of an Australian suburb is dead.

The menacing magpie, dubbed the “Windsor Road Monster” after swooping down on pedestrians and bicyclists in Sydney, was lethally shot earlier this week.

More than 40 complaints from fearful residents prompted the decision to kill the feathered fiend despite outrage from nature lovers. One person suffered a heart attack following one magpie charge and others also had been hospitalized by its bad behavior, reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Same magpie swooped three times and hit right side of head and scratched my face,” wrote one unidentified user on a website.

Another person wrote, “He started by coming at eyeball level — straight on. I have never known a more aggressive magpie.”

The Hills Shire local council stood by its decision to shoot the “particularly aggressive” bird, and said the decision was “not taken lightly” after claims that during several years the magpie attempted to claw people’s faces and tried swooping underneath cyclists’ helmets.

During mating season, the Australian magpie can become aggressive and attack humans crossing into its territory. but the species is protected by law and can only be dealt with by local authorities.

After failing to snare and relocate the bird, the council received permission to shoot it.

The council said shooting it was a final option, but many magpie lovers were furious with the decision to gun it down.

“This mother was simply protecting her young,” griped Animal Justice Party parliament member Emma Hurst. “Now, her babies will likely starve to death or be hunted by other animals. What a sickening and brutal knee-jerk reaction from Council.”

Australian magpies can grow to as long as 17 inches long.