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Square roots: Fans of canceled sci-fi series ‘The OA’ fund billboard and flash-mob protest in Times Square


Still breathing: Fans of "The OA," starring co-creator Brit Marling, is hoping Netflix reverses course after canceling the critically lauded program after its second season. (JoJo Whilden/Netflix/JoJo Whilden/Netflix)

In a flash, Times Square was a swarm of “OA” fans.

A flash mob convened in the heart of the Big Apple Monday night to voice its dismay en masse over the cancellation of the Netflix sci-fi series, reported IndieWire.

“OA” superfans teemed Times Square not only to protest but to check out the electronic billboard urging the streaming company to renew the show after its surprise cancellation.

The billboard, located on the corner of 42nd St. and Seventh Ave., includes art created by fans from nations as far-flung as the Czech Republic and Brazil.

The show, created by Zal Batmanglij and star Brit Marling, was nixed by the streaming behemoth Aug. 5, after two eight-episode seasons.

Superfan Ryan Lulofs organized a GoFundMe campaign on Aug. 11 to raise funds for the billboard in an attempt to save the series. He hit his $3,500 goal the first day, according to the Los Angeles Times. In total, he received $5,500 before halting the fund-raiser.

“The concept for the billboard was to use fan art to advertise for the series because Netflix expected word-of-mouth alone to be enough marketing,” fan Mandy Paris explained to the Times. “We want to be clear that we’re willing to do whatever it takes — including crowd-funding for proper marketing — to save the series.”

Flash mobs were organized outside New York City’s Netflix offices and then in Times Square before a “Save The OA” rally.

Nearly 2,500 miles away from Times Square, another “OA” fan, Emperial Young, was in her 11th day of a hunger strike outside Netflix’s Los Angeles’ offices.

“Small request for everyone! While I appreciate all the concern directed at me, can we please cease with the daily “are you okay?” questions?” tweeted Young on Tuesday. “If you are concerned for my health or safety, go poke (Netflix) and tell people to (watch ‘The OA.’”)

The series, which starred Marling as a young, blind woman who mysteriously regains her sight and is capable of transporting to different dimensions, scored a Season 2 92% critical approval rating, according to Rotten Tomatoes.