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South Korean clinic performed abortion on wrong woman


In a shocking patient mix-up, a doctor and a nurse in South Korea are facing criminal charges after police said they performed an abortion on the wrong woman.

The victim, who’s from Vietnam, was six weeks pregnant when she visited a hospital in Seoul on Aug. 7 for a nutritional shot, according to The Korea Times.

But as she waited for an IV solution, a nurse apparently failed to confirm the woman’s identity and injected her with an anesthetic drug that was intended for a patient who was there because of a miscarriage, the English-language newspaper reported.

A gynecologist also failed to check the patient’s name and conducted the procedure without the woman’s knowledge, police in the Seoul district of Gangseo told news outlets.

The victim realized what had happened after speaking to a different doctor the following day. She then reported the incident to police, who launched an investigation.

“The doctor and nurse have acknowledged their fault,” local authorities told CNN.

Both have been charged with professional negligence.