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South Carolina mom arrested after confronting classmates who allegedly bullied her son, ‘getting in their faces’


An exterior shot of Greenbrier Elementary School. (Google Maps / Google Maps)

A South Carolina mother, upset over her son’s school’s handling of his alleged bullying, took matters into her own hands - only to be arrested three days later, police said.

Jamie Rathburn entered Greenbrier Elementary School on May 17 in an effort to find the student responsible for picking on her son, according to a police report obtained by The Greenville News.

She walked up to students waiting outside her son’s classroom just before class began and announced that she wasn’t sure which boy she was looking for but warned them “she was not playing around and that they better stop messing with her kid,” the report said.

A deputy with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office who watched school security footage of the incident said Rathburn lifted “her finger in a pointing manner and circle around as if making sure all the kids heard her and were listening.”

Teachers who witnessed the incident said they heard screaming and saw Rathburn “pointing her finger at the kids and getting in their faces.”

In a Facebook video posted by Rathburn, she admitted to sneaking into the school to confront “kids that she estimated to be 9 years old.” The post has since been deleted.

The Simpsonville mother told Greenville News she regretted her actions, but felt it was necessary to address the bullying issue her son was facing.

“I am absolutely ashamed of myself for the actions of walking up into that school," she told the outlet. “You know, I owe the parents, the children and the staff an apology for that. Absolutely, it was wrong. But honestly, I don’t know how I could have gotten my message across any other way.”

Rathburn claims that her son was the victim of relentless taunting, including being called names, hit with a computer and jerked backwards off a slide by his throat. She said her son increasingly made up excuses not to go to school and she had contacted school officials, to no avail, before confronting the other students.

Rathburn was charged with disturbing schools and is not allowed on the school’s property anymore. She was booked into the Greenville County Detention Center before being released on a personal recognizance bond.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and Greenbrier Elementary School could not immediately be reached for comment.