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Slow down, Bill: Promoting Vision Zero as a major accomplishment? Urge your security detail to follow traffic laws — and not cover up a crash


Wrong way on transparency. (Anthony DelMundo / NY Daily News)

When Bill de Blasio is president, his official vehicle will be able to use lights and sirens to blow through speed limits and even, on rare occasions, go the wrong way. Until then, he must immediately direct his police drivers to obey the rules of the road, except in cases of emergency. The law’s the law.

There was, as far as we know, no emergency or security matter at 8:15 a.m. on the Saturday morning of Aug. 22, 2015, when de Blasio’s SUV caused a fender bender with a boiler truck.

After a City Hall coverup, the Daily News learned of the crash last month; now, the NYPD’s official accident report reveals it was caused by the mayor’s SUV traveling on the wrong side of E. 135th St. as it approached Fifth Ave.

The truck was positioning itself to turn left onto the avenue, in the furthest left lane on the right side of the street. Hizzoner’s SUV essentially came out of nowhere, traveling in the lane of oncoming traffic, to pass the truck on the left. Metal hit metal. No one was hurt.

Why were the mayor’s light and sirens on? Why was his vehicle violating of the rules of the road? Why has there been no discipline for the head of the mayor’s detail concealing the accident?

And why does de Blasio pawn off responsibility on the cops, even as he harangues motorists throughout the city to own up to their mistakes as part of his Vision Zero push?

Finally, how many points do you get on your license for obnoxious arrogance?