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Sicilian TV chef busted on drug dealing charge


So that’s the secret ingredient!

A famous Sicilian chief, who previously hosted a cooking show called “Immoral Recipes and Aphrodisiac Foods,” was recently busted for allegedly dealing drugs from his home, reported BBC News.

Outside Carmelo Chiaramonte’s home in Trecastagni were two towering marijuana plants, cops said. Inside the residence, authorities claimed to have discovered olives, coffee, tuna and wine soaked in cannabis — and two pounds of Indian hemp. The samples were tagged as evidence and confiscated.

“A chef is an addict of aromas and an alchemist,” Chiaramonte presciently said back in 2015.

When confronted by the national carabinieri, the 50-year-old gourmand whipped up a delicious defense — he was merely researching “new flavors.”

Chiaramonte, a chef at the upscale Katane Palace Hotel restaurant in Catania — located in the shadow of imposing Mount Etna — told police he considered himself an “agri-food consultant of the third-millennium Mediterranean cuisine,” reported La Sicilia.

Military officials were reportedly tipped off about a marijuana stash growing at a cottage in a “quiet” area of town.

The chef has penned several books that describe, from a historical point of view, the uses and customs associated with Sicilian cuisine.

Chiaramonte was charged with detention for the sale of drugs, according to La Sicilia.