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Shoppers shocked as koala strolls through Coles


Shoppers could not believe what they were seeing as a koala strolled though supermarket in South Australia and made its way to the dairy section.

The furry intruder swung by Dernancourt Coles just outside Adelaide this morning and amazed customers stopped to take pictures. Staff even nicknamed the unexpected visitor, Caramello.

“No one saw it sneak in, but it was found in the dairy section,” Coles spokeswoman said.

“Our team made sure customers gave the koala plenty of space, and a customer contacted the local wildlife authority.”

Presumably not satisfied with the range of cheeses, the Aussie legend only spent between five to ten minutes in the supermarket, before it idled out and went on with its koala business.

The Coles spokeswoman added that a wildlife authority checked on the mammal’s welfare and it is said to be doing fine.

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