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Shooting of transgender woman in Dallas being treated as hate crime, police say


The Dallas Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect in the shooting of a transgender woman that occurred over the weekend. The incident is being treated as a hate crime.

On Friday at about 11 p.m., a Latino male suspect driving a red Chevrolet truck in the northwest part of the city pulled alongside the victim, a 35-year-old Latin transgender woman, “yelled a number of slurs regarding her gender identity and at the victim, striking her multiple times in the chest and arm,” according to a press release.

The woman was transported to an area hospital, and underwent surgery overnight. Because of her injuries, detectives were only able to speak to her to verify the facts of the incident on Monday.

According to investigators, the suspect’s vehicle is described as a “late-model four-door red Chevrolet truck with large aftermarket rims.” They are asking anyone with information to contact Special Investigations Unit Detective M. Yeric at (214) 283-4803.

The shooting is the latest in a series of violent crimes targeting transgender women of color that have continued to plague the city.

In June, the Dallas Police Department enlisted the help of the FBI in the murder investigation of 26-year-old Chynal Lindsey, a black transgender woman whose body was found in a lake.

“We are concerned, we are actively and aggressively investigating this case,” Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall said at a press conference on June 4. “And we have reached out to our federal partners to assist us in these efforts.”

Just two weeks before the body of Lindsey was found in White Rock Lake, Muhlaysia Booker, 22, another transgender woman of color was found “lying face down” on a Dallas road, a month after surviving a vicious mob-like beating at a crowded parking area in an apartment complex south of downtown.

In 2018, Brittany White, 29, was found fatally shot in a parked vehicle in southeast Dallas on Oct. 21. The body of Nicole Hall, 39, was found floating in White Rock Creek on May 12, just three days after Carla Flores-Pavon was found strangled to death.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, so far this year at least 19 transgender people have been shot or killed — almost all of them are transgender women of color.