An NYPD sergeant pleaded with a knife-wielding killer to show his hands for more than a minute before shooting the suspect dead inside a Harlem apartment this May, dramatic bodycam footage released Thursday shows.

The police department released video of the fatal shooting along with footage from another officer-involved shooting in the Bronx where no one was hit.

In the Harlem case, Sgt. Kurwin Klien shot and killed Ubaldo Gomez, 44, on May 20 after Gomez fatally shot his sister-in-law in a fifth-floor apartment on St. Nicholas Terrace at W. 127th St.

Gomez, an NYPD auxiliary cop, grabbed a kitchen knife and started stabbing another man in the apartment after his wife got his gun away from him.

When Klien and another officer approached the apartment, Gomez was still inside, wrestling with the man.

“Careful, careful, careful. Cameras on. Cameras on,” Klien said as he stood at the apartment door, looking in. “Yo, hands! Show me your hands, man!”

He repeated that command several times, telling Gomez, “Just show me your hands so I can come inside and give you some help!”

When he entered the apartment, he saw Gomez and the bloodied man struggling, and again yelled, “Show me your hands! Hands, hands!”

Gomez raised the knife, appearing to get ready to plunge it, and Klien shot him twice, killing him.

Klien was in plainclothes and assigned to the 26th Precinct anti-crime squad.

Police also released footage from a May 29 incident, when officer Matthew Miret fired a shot after he stopped an Uber on E 149th St. near Cauldwell Ave. in the South Bronx.

Cops said Miret fired as he approached the car because two men, 31 and 19, were moving around in the back seat and refused to show their hands.

No one was hit.

Cops recovered a .22 caliber handgun from the men and charged both with weapon possession.

Miret’s camera was activated after the shot was fired. A second camera worn by Lt. Mark Herman captures the sound of the gunshot and shows the Uber driver yelling, “I’m Uber driver! I’m Uber driver!” as he’s on the ground with his hands in the air.

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