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SEE IT: Polar bear eats a live duck at San Diego Zoo — and freaks visitors out


In this 2006 file photo, A polar bear at the San Diego Zoo nestled into a hole it dug in the 15 tons of snow covering the Polar Bear Plunge habitat in San Diego, California. (Handout/Getty Images)

You might want to zoom in a little on this one.

A visitor to the San Diego Zoo viewing the polar bear exhibit filmed a duck lounging blissfully above the clear waters of the enclosure. But the tourist, Amy McBride, then captured something else in the video: a polar bear sneaking up beneath the duck, lunging and grabbing the bird in its mouth, according to an NBC4 News segment Saturday.

McBride told NBC4 that the attack left her daughter, 3, upset.

“He ate the ducky!” McBride said her daughter shouted.

After the polar bear grabbed the duck off the surface, the bear played with the bird as astonished visitors looked on.

Polar bears at the San Diego Zoo typically eat a diet of fish, dog-food pellets and veggies — along with the occasional cow bone or rabbit — according to the zoo’s website.