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SEE IT: Passenger video shows exposed engine of a plane in flight


Here’s something people never want to see when looking out the window… of an airplane… after take-off.

A United Airlines passenger captured a wild video showing part of the engine exposed during a flight Sunday from Colorado to Florida.

The footage, shared on social media by passenger Bobby Lewis, shows the cover of the Boeing 737's left engine flapping loosely shortly after it left Denver toward Colorado.

#United Airlines, a #Boeing 737-800 (reg. N27239), flight #UA292 departed from #Denver at around 8:00am for #Orlando when the left hand engine suffered an issue, the crew decided to return back to Denver.
*Video: Bobby Lewis#flightmodeblog #flightmode #aviation #avgeek #B737

The plane returned to Denver and landed safely about an hour after the incident. No one was injured.

The pilot described the issue in a call with the airport as “an engine panel that’s come off the airplane,” according to audio obtained by NBC News.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it was investigating what caused the problem.

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