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SEE IT: Original ‘Blue’s Clues’ host making cameo appearance on upcoming reboot


Steve Burns, seen here in 1998, will appear on the premiere of an upcoming reboot of "Blue's Clues." (SUZANNE MAPES/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Jot this down in your Handy Dandy Notebook: The original host of “Blue’s Clues” is making a cameo on the upcoming reboot.

Steve Burns will appear on the premiere episode of “Blue’s Clues & You!” after hosting the original series from 1996 to 2002, Nickelodeon announced. Also making a guest appearance on the first episode will be Donovan Patton, who succeeded Burns as host of the original show.

The new series stars newcomer Joshua Dela Cruz and once again centers on an animated dog, Blue, leaving clues to help the host and audience figure out mysteries.

Billed as a show for a preschool audience, “Blue’s Clues & You!” ? which begins on Nov. 11 ? gets a modern twist’ with Blue now being computer-animated and Dela Cruz’s character, Josh, using a device that doubles as a notebook and a smartphone.

A preview released ahead of the first episode shows Josh calling Burns’ character, Steve, and Patton’s character, Joe, in hopes of figuring out what Blue wants with her snack.

“There’s really only one thing to do,” Burns says in the clip, before joining in unison with Patton to declare, “Play Blue’s Clues!”

The rebooted series will feature returning characters like Magenta, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, as well as some new characters and a “Handy Dandy Guitar,” among other fresh elements, Nickelodeon said.

Patton hosted the series from 2002 to 2006. Burns’ life after “Blue’s Clues,” meanwhile, included him embarking on a music career.