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SEE IT: Man parks his SUV on NYC street, returns to find it buried in mountain of trash


Video captures vehicle on street completely covered in garbage bags.

So much for a clean getaway.

In a predicament nobody would want to wake up to, a motorist returned to his SUV parked on a Brooklyn street only to find it buried in a mountain of trash, eye-popping video shows.

The SUV owner found his vehicle penned in by dozens of black trash bags when he returned to his parking spot in front of a large apartment building, the video shows.

The video appears to have been shot outside the Flatbush Gardens housing complex in Flatbush.

The person shooting the 18-second clip chuckled at the motorist’s stinky plight, showing no sympathy for the SUV owner.

“Them n----- put the garbage around and on his V,” the videographer said. “But he had no business parking there, though. I don’t care how late it was.”

It was not immediately clear when the video was recorded.