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July 20, 2019

SEE IT: Keanu Reeves stands atop motorcycle in Super Bowl ad

January 31, 2018

Who needs airplanes when you have flying motorcycles?

Keanu Reeves mastered the tricky and potentially disastrous art of standing atop a motorcycle cruising down a desert highway in a Super Bowl ad for Squarespace released Wednesday.

Keanu Reeves appears in a Super Bowl LII ad for Squarespace.


In the ad — for which Reeves completed his own stunts — the actor balances carefully while reciting the self-affirming, confidence-boosting lyrics to the 1983 Will Powers song “Adventures in Success.”

Eventually, Reeves hops down and into the bike’s seat as it cruises into the sky like he’s Danny Zuko in the final scene of “Grease.”

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The actor is himself a customer of Squarespace, and used the company to create the website for his company, Arch Motorcycle, a partnership explored in additional videos shot with Reeves.

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