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SEE IT: First trailer for Star Wars’ ‘The Mandalorian’ is out, and it brings a riveting look at life after the fall of the Empire


The first trailer for Disney’s upcoming series “The Mandalorian” has been released. And Star Wars fans might just have found their next obsession.

In just over 90 seconds, Disney’s teaser for the highly anticipated Jon Favreau-written and directed new series takes a look into another era within the Star Wars universe.

Set after after the fall of the Empire, and before the emergence of the First Order, “The Mandalorian” wants to take viewers to a “darker, freakier side of ‘Star Wars,'” as Favreau told The Hollywood Reporter.

The trailer has the feel of a futuristic “Game of Thrones,” mixed in with a little “Mad Max” magic, some “Die Hard” deliriousness and, of course, plenty of “Star Wars” action. All beautifully wrapped up in summer blockbuster excitement.

The show will follow the lives of one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, Boba Fett, and his father, Jango.

Speaking at a Disney convention Friday, Favreau said the time period appealed to him because there’s no government, no law, and the world just degrades, according to CNET.

“Bounty hunting is a complicated profession,” a raspy voice says at the end of the trailer. “Don’t you agree?”

The Mandalorian starts streaming on Disney+ Nov. 12.

With a budget of $120 million, the show, which will be the first “Star Wars” live-action TV series, is one of the highest profiled titles for Disney’s upcoming 6.99-per-month streaming service.