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SEE IT: Firefighters battle blaze after explosion devastates Brooklyn home


An explosion inside a basement blew apart a Brooklyn house Monday afternoon, leaving three people burned and the house so damaged it’ll need to be torn down.

The two-story house on Friel Place at Coney Island Ave. in Kensington was vacant and under construction when the blast went off, shaking the entire block and sending neighbors running outside.

“My house is gone! It’s on fire. See what happened?” said one man at the scene, pointing to the devastated home. He wouldn’t give his name.

FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph Ferrante said none of the three victims in the blast suffered life-threatening injuries. A fourth person refused medical attention, an FDNY spokesman said.

Ferrante said the building will be demolished in the next 72 hours.

“The structural damage was so great, the building can no longer stand,” Ferrante said.

“I was in the first floor when I heard something loud. I went out. Next door, something is falling on our building,” said Sumaiya Sumi, 18, who lives next door. “I was so much scared.”

Her brother screamed out, telling her to run outside, so she ran for the street, too afraid to put on her shoes..

“It was super loud. The house really shook,” said neighbor Lorraine Letac, 54. A vase fell from one of her shelves during the explosion.

After getting her son, she ran out and saw people panicking all over the block, including the mother of home’s owner, who mistakenly feared her son was inside at the moment of the explosion.

The victims suffered burns to their hands, legs and faces, witnesses said.

The cause of the blast remains under investigation, an FDNY spokesperson said.