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SEE IT: Children scream as allegedly drunk school bus driver behaves erratically


Newly released video shows children screaming in terror as an allegedly drunk school bus driver picked up and dropped off students.

Catherine L. Maccarone, 48, was arrested on Sept. 12 after a Longview (Wash.) Public Schools student called 911 to report her for drunk driving.

According to the 911 call, Maccarone was “wobbling” and had driven through at least three red lights.

“Her eyes, you could tell she was drunk. Her breath sort of smelled like alcohol,” the student said.

When police officers pulled her over, they “smelled an obvious odor of intoxicants coming from Maccarone,” according to the police statement.

In the video, Maccarone rambles incoherently and complains about her husband while the bus is empty and while there are kids on board.

Maccarone resigned from the Longview Public School system on Sept. 26 and is due in court on Oct. 15.