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SEE IT: British police fine a man whose car was so badly littered it was ‘dangerous’ to drive


Thames Valley Police had given a motorist a fine for not having a not so "tidy cab." (happyfoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A slovenly British motorist was fined by police for driving a car was so badly littered that it was “dangerous” to operate.

Bobbies in Marlow, England, pulled over an unidentified driver who had fast food wrappers and garbage covering the floor of his automobile. They posted a photo of the mess on Twitter.

“This was so bad it was dangerous, rubbish under floor pedals,” police captioned the photo.

They added that the driver was arrested for “an unconnected matter,” the nature of which is not clear.

Police also offered words of wisdom to other messy drivers.

“A tidy cab = a tidy mind,” they wrote.

Twitter users following the Thames Valley Police’s twitter account could hardly believe their eyes.

“Imagine his home,” tweeted one observer.

Another Twitter follower noted there was a tree branch mixed in with the trash and wondered why. “To clear the crap out of the way so he could brake,” answered another tweeter.