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Russia officials worried about plague of locusts during World Cup


Russian officials planning the World Cup are not in de-Nile about possible problems, including one straight out of Biblical Egypt.

Worries about that locusts could be the genesis of a scandal at the international tournament set to kick off in mid-June, Ministry of Agriculture department leader Pyotr Chekmaryov said at a meeting Wednesday.

“The whole world is coming to us. Locusts love green football fields, where there is a lot of greenery,” he said according to news agency Interfax.

“It's funny to you, but do you know how shameful it will be?”

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Chekmaryov said that the locusts were a particular worry in the southern Russian regions, and that thousands of square miles were already contaminated by the crop-devouring insects.

Officials are paticularly worried about southern regions such as Volgogard (stadium pictured last year).


The descent of international guests hungry for soccer and stories will likely lead to some scandals around the World Cup, as host countries are often put under the microscope.

Russia successfully held the Winter Olympics in 2014 four years ago, though controversies beyond the country’s recently passed anti-gay propaganda law and a budding conflict in Ukraine included reporters/ problems at hotels and a reported plan to kill thousands of stray dogs that was later abandoned.

The climate-related problems in Russia are likely to be less than those in Qatar, which is set to hold the World Cup in the winter of 2022 because the summer sees temperatures soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.