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July 16, 2019

Russia mulls logging off by ‘unplugging’ from the internet

February 12, 2019
Russia plans to disconnect from the internet. (PeopleImages / Getty Images)

Russia is considering whether or not it will “briefly” disconnect itself from the global internet in what it is saying would be a test of its cyber-defense capabilities.

If Russia were to undergo this test, “data passing between Russian citizens and organisations stays inside the nation rather than being routed internationally,” the BBC notes. (Naturally, the test date being eyed is April Fool’s Day.)


The test will go down if Russia’s parliamentary body approves the Digital Economy National Program, a new set of rules that would require Russian ISPs to be able to operate if foreign countries or hackers attempted to knock the country off the web. If such a cyber-attack occurred and access to foreign servers was restricted, Russians would still be able to operate the internet.

Russia also wants to one day have all domestic internet trafficked through Russian-based servers. Critics believe that the end-goal of this would be a mass internet censorship program similar to China’s.

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