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Rooster pecks at woman’s varicose veins, leading to her death: medical journal


An elderly Australian woman was slain by a rooster... (Nataba/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

An elderly Australian woman was “slain” by a rooster who reportedly pecked at the woman’s varicose veins as she collected eggs.

The 76-year-old victim suffered “significant hemorrhage” on her left leg after being hen-pecked by the angry bird, according to the journal Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology. An autopsy revealed two lacerations, one of which was over a large vein, which had been punctured, causing the woman to bleed out.

“Death was therefore due to exsanguination from bleeding varicose veins following an attack by a rooster,” the report concluded.

Contributing factors could have been the victim’s history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, the report states.

The unidentified woman’s death occurred on a rural property where she resided in an unspecified part of Australia, according to, which identified the rooster as the property of the deceased.

Roosters can become aggressive when protecting hens and chicks, according to, which suggests that humans establish themselves “at the top of the pecking order” without being aggressive when dealing with the sometimes feisty birds.