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Road to nowhere: New GPS tracking on city buses isn’t working


Last school year, the Daily News documented failure after failure of the city’s yellow school buses. Again and again, kids stranded for hours, and parents — often of children with special needs — left in the dark about their whereabouts.

Then came City Council action, requiring GPS trackers on every vehicle and new investments in the Education Department’s Office of Pupil Transportation. Followed by, surprise surprise, more idiotic ineptitude.

As The News’ Michael Elsen-Rooney reported this week, parents calling the hotline that’s supposed to deliver real-time information about their kids’ location are coming up dry.

In one attempt, the mother of a Queens first-grader was told the GPS device on her son’s bus wasn’t turned on. (Stupidly, 6,000 trackers that were installed last year must be manually powered up; 3,000 newer ones are always on.) In another, the mother of a child who attends private schools for special needs but gets public busing, consistent with the law, was told only buses to and from public schools were being tracked. Not true.

Oh, and there were almost 700 buses reporting delays on the first day of school.

Get. It. Together.